Viral Video: Americans Try McDonald's For the First Time [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Who would have thought that after all these years of McDonald's existence worldwide, there are still American adults who have not tasted their yummy selections? Apparently, this is the case of three American adults whom Buzzfeed have tacked down and offered to bite the Big Mac and fries. Their experience were caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube.

The first lady in the video said she never had McDonald's growing up and she is currently a holistic health coach. She hopes she will not have a gag reflex when she tastes the product.

The guy said he does not eat the product after hearing nothing but bad things. The other lady was cautious for a long time, but she thinks the product will be pretty good.

So what was their reactions when they tasted the Big Mac?

The first lady's reaction was confusion. She opened up the burger and smelled the patty first. When she ate it, she claimed she could not even taste the meat. All she could taste was the sauce. The burger was a mess. She described her experience as a disappointment. For her, everything was very bland.

Being a holistic health coach, the lady felt like she was dirty but she got more experience.

The guy's initial reaction was that there was a lot of bread on the burger. But when he ate the product, his reaction was a finger-licking bliss. He said the BigMac was really not that bad. He thought he was just take a bite but it looks like he will eat the whole thing. Although he said the entire food was a lot sweeter than he thought it would be. For him, the BigMac was like a dessert hamburger.

What about the French fries?

Unlike her reaction on the BigMac, the first lady said the French fries was OK for she can taste it. She said she tasted a greasy fried sweet potato, which is what the product is supposed to be.

The guy asked to confirm that it was McDonald's most popular product. When he tasted it, he said McDonald's had a very good job with it.

The third lady was looking forward to know what the fuzz is all about. When she tasted the French fries, she noted it was actually good. Guilty as she is, the lady can just hope that her parents will not see the video for the French fries was actually better than her expectations.

The viral video has now earned almost 1 million views and more than 10,000 likes in a matter of two days.

Watch the American's reactions from the YouTube video.

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