Viral Video Action Movie Kid: DreamWorks Animator Dad Make Son's Superhuman Imagination Real in Shared YouTube Family Videos [WATCH]

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Meet James, 3, the star of YouTube's "Action Movie Kid" series where his superhuman imagination became real, thanks to his DreamWorks animator dad Daniel Hashimoto. The After Effects artist of DreamWorks based in Los Angeles used his skills in making his son's playtime videos come to life ranging from Batman's grapple gun, the Matrix and disappearing into a puddle.

Daniel Hashimoto shared to the New York Daily News that he worked on putting effects on the family videos captured because James is "really funny and imaginative." The proud father shared: "James doesn't watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day."

According to the Celebrity Cafe report, the DreamWorks animator created the YouTube channel called "Action Movie Kid" where 12 videos are posted showing what Jason can do during playtime. James can be seen in the brief video clips either jumping on a couch so he will not step on the lava in their living room, leaving McDonalds with the Play Place rocket and using a "Star Wars" lightsaber toy as well as a Lego blaster.

Mr Hashimoto further revealed that the idea of turning his son into a hero happened after the little boy pretended to be Iron Man and blasted some stuff inside house. "Did I really do that for realsies?" James asked his dad after watching the altered video footage for the first time.

Credit: YouTube/Action Movie Kid

"I think they are a lot of fun. It's so cute watching Hashi film James while he's playing around. Then he goes and turns it to magic later," James' mother, Mandy Richardville, shared. The Indy Channel report revealed that James' parents work up to 12 hours just editing the short videos in order to show remarkable results.

Daniel Hashimoto admitted that he never expected their "Action Movie Kid" videos on YouTube getting recognized and his family receiving a phone call inquiring about the work he did for the videos. "It's humbling and I'm excited that a little hobby I have is enjoyable to other people," the animator dad stated.

Daniel Hashimoto, who has been working with DreamWorks Animation for a decade, had the films "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Kung Fu Panda 2" under his work credit as a member of the animation teams. Check out the other videos that Daniel Hashimoto worked on featuring his superhero son James.

Credit: YouTube/Action Movie Kid

Credit: YouTube/Action Movie Kid

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