Viral Video: 2 Mean Aussie Women Attack Elderly Man in Gold Coast Bus

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The mean girls are back. Not the actresses who starred in a movie about misbehaving female students, but two Australian women who attacked a blind elderly man on a Gold Coast bus.

The attack was caught on video which has become viral after it was shared in YouTube and other social media sites.

The two young women, dressed as if they were going to the races, punched, kicked and spitted on the old indigenous man who was seen cowering against a window. However, he later attempted to fight the two mean girls.

The commotion led some of the bus riders to shout at the bad girls to leave the poor man alone, but a male passenger stepped in and forced the two women off the bus.

The 77-year-old victim, who suffered bruises on his arms, said he would make a complaint against his attackers who remain unidentified, according to the Queensland Police.

This is the one of the many incidents in Australia of an attack on bus passengers caught on video and gone viral.

In April 2013, a 55-year-old New South Wales woman hurled racial invectives at an Asian student on a bus in Burwood. NSW police filed charges against the woman in June.

In March 2013, a man also threw racial diatribes at an Asian woman aboard a Sydney bus.


Australians were outraged at these bullying incidents and vented their ire on the bus bullies through social media.

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