The Viral Makeup-Less Pics of Barbie Doll: Does She Looks Like Nicki Minaj?

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In the past few days, photos of female celebrities and even porn stars became viral in the Internet. The latest female caught sans her make-up is Barbie doll and the photo shown below has gone viral.

The image, first published by Mashable, was made by artist Eddi Aguirre Cendejaz who wondered how the favourite toy of girls of different ages appears like minus the blush on, fake eyelashes and lipstick.

A second image soon came out in other Web sites.

The make-up less image, said to be more realistic, showed Barbie has dark circles, unbrushed hair, freckles and braces. Huffington Post said the photo is an image of how the dolled-up mannequin would look like first thing when she wakes up.

Commenting on the photo, Jack Straw wrote, "Ugh. Not something you want to see in the morning."

Similar reactions were made by Karolina Stankiewicz who said, "ew.." in the 9GAG Web site, while Tim Neuhas added, "Rated U for Ugly."

Aisyah Mur Amanda commented that Barbie without make-up looks creepy and Aldy Adrian thought she looked like Nicki Minaj without make-up. Do you agree or disagree?

The photo has also been posted in YouTube.

Besides Nicki Minaj, other celebrities caught without make-up are Pamela Anderson, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Kylie Minogue.

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