Viral Gay Wedding Proposal Brings Tears to High School Bully (VIDEO)

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Lucas Bane's wedding proposal to his boyfriend on Dec 11, 2013 killed two birds with one stone. It got him the "Yes" from beau David Devora as well as it softened the heart of a former high school classmate who used to bully him.

In fact, the unnamed bully was reduced to tears when he saw the video of the proposal which became viral.


David gave his assent to the gay wedding after he saw Lucas choreographed a dance sequence, followed by Bruno Mars' hit I Think I Want to Marry You.

From a lit second floor balcony of their apartment, Lucas flashed messages written in manila paper until he asked for David's hand in marriage. David then was on the opposite side of the street, shedding tears at the surprise he got for his birthday that day.

Lucas later posted the video in Facebook where his former tormentor saw the video.

The bully sent Lucas a message on Facebook humbly asking for forgiveness and congratulating Lucas for his forthcoming wedding.

The bully wrote, quoted by LGBTQ community publication The Gaily Grind, "I'm sure you have no idea who I am. I went to high school with you. If you do remember me it's probably not positive as I was a bit of an asshole back then. I saw your video today on Facebook and wanted to say Congratulations!"

Lucas replied that he remembers the guy and acknowledged his memory of that classmate when they were 18 was certainly not pleasant. But he placed these bad memories behind them and even commended the former bully because "it's clear that whoever you were back then, you've grown and you're a pretty kickass guy now."

He closed his reply with a promise to have some beers if their paths cross again. Ex-bully, now 30, agreed that he too is hopeful of a meeting and guaranteed the first few beers are on him.

Lucas is an actor and David works in a finance company.

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