Is the Viral Game 2048 Created by a 19-Year-Old the Next Flappy Bird?

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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has hinted his hit online game would soon return on the App Store. After more than a month of no longer being available, is there still space in store shelves for the game or has another online game taken over as king?

Reports indicate the throne of king of online games may have already been taken over by 2048 which reached 10 million unique visitors in March, just one month after 19-year-old Gabriele Cirulli created it to pass time on a weekend.

The game is a browser-based puzzle in which players must rearrange the tiles to make the number 2048.  It was based on another game named 1024 with a similar concept.

Mr Cirulli, who finished high school in 2003, was surprised that the game, released on March 9, logged more than 100 million plays.

He disclosed that out of the 100 million games played, only 1 per cent had won, but despite the frustrating experience of losing, millions of gamers appear to be tireless in rearranging the tiles, indicating the addictive nature of 2048.

But he does not intend to stay stuck on game creation which he forayed into by accident but would rather focus on provision of web services by either working on his own project or accepting a job offer in Italy.

Enders Analysis gaming analyst Heloise Thomson said the game's strength is its simplicity and its growth is really impressive, hinting "it could be the next Flappy Bird," whose creator set the bird free when he realised the addictive nature of his creation.

This early too, there are now tips and tricks how to win the game.

While 2048 was based on 1024, it is often compared to another tiles game titled Threes which ironically is being accused of being a rip-off of 2048 even if it was launched ahead of 2048.

In a comparison of the two games, Ryan Bushey of Business Insider found Threes the better one despite having a price tag of $1.99, while 2048 is free. He cited Threes being advertisement free, equipped with options such as toggling the music on/off and the ability to adjust battery power it takes while playing as his reasons for favouring Threes.

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