Viral Back-To-School Video: Holderness Family Of '#Xmas Jammies' Video Back with 'Baby Got Class' Parody

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Another viral video with a "Back-To-School" theme is making the rounds on the Internet. The Holderness family of the "#Xmas Jammies" video in 2013 returned with their back-to-school "Baby Got Class" parody featuring the Sir Mix-a-Lot song titled "Baby Got Back."

The viral video was published on YouTube on Tuesday, Aug. 19, with the Holderness family dedicating the parody to the staff of the school where their children goes. "This one goes out to all the teachers, bus drivers, administrators, and support staff who teach and love our children. THANK YOU for all you do!" the description in the viral YouTube video reads.

At the moment, the "Baby Got Class - A back to school parody" video has garnered over three million views. The shared video is the way of the Holderness family to celebrate the upcoming school year of the kids.

The Holderness family showed off their rapping skills to express their like for big school buses, school supplies, healthy lunches and backpacks that should be round and big as well as their admiration for the school teachers who look after their kids all year even though they do not earn enough money. Click HERE to watch the viral video.

The Holderness family initially caught the attention of Internet users with their "#Xmas Jammies" video which was posted last December 2013. Since then, the family no longer became strangers to making viral videos on the Internet. Click HERE to watch the Holderness family's "#XMas Jammies" viral video.

The video's back-to-school theme is comparable to the viral video of the East Hills Shopping Centre in St. Joseph, Missouri. However, the video garnered over one million views because of the off-beat and off-key singing of the employees set to beat-boxing.

The viral video of the Missouri mall has been dubbed online as a "terrible" mall commercial. As for the Holderness family's back-to-school video, some of the comments on YouTube found the viral video funny, cute and even cheesy. A couple of comments pointed out that the parents in the video are amazing to their children and grateful to the staff that teach and take care of the kids at school.

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