Vin Diesel Dances to Beyonce and Katy Perry Because He's so Happy He Could Dance All Day

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Is Vin Diesel ready to race his way... to the dance floor?

"The Fast and The Furious" star posted over his Facebook account on Tuesday a 7-minute video of himself alone in the room, dancing and lip-syncing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and Beyonce's "Drunk in Love."

In the post with the caption "You know I love music...," Vin started the video by lip-syncing to the song Katy Perry performed in the recently concluded Grammy Awards, including the rap parts sung by Juicy J.

Then, he turned down the sounds and began his message to his fans:

"Guys, I'm excited, I'm happy," he said. "Universal just called me and said Riddick is number one on the DVD charts."

"And it's a win for all of us, and really really really thank you so much," he continues. "Yeah, I'm excited. Of course, Universal is also saying they want to develop the next one!"

After blowing a kiss to the camera and flashing a peace sign, Vin went on to sing a few more lines from Juicy J's rap parts. He then turns down the audio again to ask his fans if they watched the Grammys because he was not able to catch it due to his work for the seventh installment of "The Fast and The Furious" franchise.

"I couldn't have the luxury of going and checking out all the cool performances but some of them were kinda..." Vin says as he turns up the volume again, this time to "Drunk in Love," the song which Beyonce and Jay-Z performed to open the Grammys on Sunday.

E! Online described the actor in the video as "awkward" and "clumsy," but nevertheless happy to see him smile, considering that he is still mourning from the death of his "brother" and former co-star, Paul Walker, who passed away 2 months ago.

Huffington Post, on the other hand, comments that Vin is really "just like us," as the video depicts nearly everyone's happy moment where one celebrates "finishing that wine bottle last night with a second bottle and 'Drunk in Love' blasting full volume."

And that's why fans love Vin Diesel and his clumsy but happy moments.

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