'Vietnam Monster' or Whale in Cambodia -- No Alien Sighting, Just Behemoth on Earth? [VIRAL VIDEO]

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A video called "Vietnam monster" is going viral on YouTube, sparking a guessing game among viewers. However, the clip was filmed in Cambodia, says many viewers. The comments are ranging from hilarious to convincing. Some are calling it a sighting of a dead alien. Others are sure the gigantic creature is a lifeless whale. Watch the video and make up your mind.

Using Google Translate, the viral video titled "Vietnam Monster" carries the following description:

"I'm caught in Vietnam, he was a freak. Vietnam, for you? (sic) It is said to have been found in the soil even more miraculous. (sic) I remember the old movies starfish. (sic)" The Korean characters preceding the English words in the title translate to "Vietnam monster."

"'Vietnam Monster?' This video has Chinese watermarks, the people in the video are Cambodian, the description is written in Korean....and that thing is a whale," YouTube user Chandara Cheng commented.

How did the uploader figure the behemoth creature came from Vietnam? There is another video with an English description that says: "Recently, Karapaia, a Japanese news site focusing on the strange and weird, posted a video of what seems to be a giant monster being dug out of the ground in Vietnam."

The English description referred the creature as "long, fat, gray (and) slug-like." The YouTube uploader said the people gathered around the huge creature were "curious onlookers watching with rapt attention as the horrifying behemoth is hoisted onto a trailer."

However, if the strange sighting was indeed filmed in Vietnam and the creature was a whale, the crowd wouldn't be horrified. Further, "Vietnam monster" would be an inappropriate title because whales, according to "Culture and Customs of Vietnam" (2001) by Mark W. McLeod and Thi Dieu Nguyen, there are ceremonies for beached whale in coastal southern and central Vietnam.

"The spirits of large animals, such as whales, dolphins, and tigers, were venerated," the authors wrote.

"This is in Cambodia, not Vietnam. Those people look nothing like, and sounds nothing like Vietnamese. They are speaking Khmer, language of Cambodia and the people of Cambodia," YouTube user Angkorian81 commented.

Watch the "Vietnam Monster" video below or follow the links above.

Vietnam monster or whale in Cambodia? YouTube user Josh Steinbauer summarizes the questions in many viewers mind: "Where was this 'unearthed'? What part of Vietnam? How far away from the ocean?"

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