Video of Woman Having Sex with a Horse Stuns Court Officials

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A convicted stalker was caught in possession of a video capturing the obscene sexual act of a woman having sex with a horse. The video was stored in his phone which stunned court officials when it was aired during his hearing.

Andrew Slaven ended up in court for violating Scotland's legislation against pornography. The video is reportedly characterised as level six, being the most extreme.

According to Mirror UK, the 30-second pornography clip was provided as evidence against Slaven during his trial this week. A few court officials in Ayr were reportedly stunned when they saw the video.

However, the 39-year old denied having downloaded the pornography. He claimed one of his workmates could have downloaded the video when he left his phone in a van, which he often does while he tends to his work as a linesman.

Apparently, his defense wasn't accepted by the Ayr Sheriff Court. Police officers from the Maybole Station testified they retrieved the phone with the explicit video from Slaven on Sept. 14 last year. They also confirmed the phone belonged to Slaven.

Peter Lockhart, Andrew Slaven's lawyer, came to his client's defense. Being such a short clip he said the video did not even contain any indecent images of children. He also pointed out that having possession of such videos was not prohibited prior to the Criminal Justice and Licensing Act of 2010.

"Without going into details, it's a female adult. It's a one-off image that's been found on his phone," he said.

Lockhart further brought up Slaven's excuse, arguing with the prosecution that they shouldn't rule the possibility that the video could after all not his client's doing.

However, Slaven's credibility and reliability was also questioned by the prosecution. Even Sheriff Norman McFayden claimed he is neither credible nor reliable.

 "The inference can be drawn that you had knowledge, and you are guilty of the charge," he said.

The convicted from 80 Minoch Crescent in Maybole, Scotland did not plead guilty to the charge against him, brought on by the said pornography. He also made no comment to the accusations derived from the video as part of his rights.

Andrew Slaven was not sentenced for the possession of the pornographic video until he sees a social inquiry.

The previous month another teenager was also detained in jail for allegedly having intercourse with a horse. The incident happened on June 5 in a field near Braunstone Lane East, Leicester. The 19-year old has since been bailed out pending further investigation. Investigator PC Gareth John told inckleytimes that the horse had to be treated following the incident.

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