Video of Potty-Trained Cat on Youtube Goes Viral

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A 1 minute and 13 seconds long video showing Willie, the potty-trained cat, has gone viral on Youtube after it amassed over 3 million views and almost 10,000 likes in less than 2 weeks. The video also received almost 800 comments to date.

One comment said, "Cats are so cute, everyone should have one" while another commented "Super cute! But I hope you don't wipe the toilet paper."

Still another cited: "Wow you make me smile!"

In amazement, another person commented toilet paper company can now hire cats instead of machine.

The video showed Willie the Cat on top of the toilet bowl entertaining itself while answering the call of nature. At the start of the video, the owner can be heard asking, "Hey, what are you doing?" while the cat unrolled the entire tissue paper to the floor and left the rest.

When the cat reached the end, its owner pat Willie and commanded it to roll back the tissue paper which it did so. Midway through the process, Willie attempted to unroll the tissue again but decided against it. The gray cat continued rolling the tissue holder until the roll was totally refilled.

Toward the end of the video, the owner said, "Thank you that really helps." The video ended with the owners laughing in amazement over his cat's actions.

The owner of the video was Michael Thompson, 29, Traverse City, Michigan. He wrote on the video title "Willie is Better Than Your Cat."

He used a female-like voice to his two-year old cat so that the feline only recognized it was being spoken to when Thompson used the "awful baby voice" as he described it.

In a report from Daily News, Thompson got the then few months old cat from the local animal rescue center through a craiglist ad. A concerned woman found Willie at a marina placed inside a box on a boat.

Thompson explained he was about to take a shower in the bathroom when he noticed his cat's antique with the tissue paper whom he captured the scene on camera.

He hoped Willie's next trick would be to roll up the tissue paper and clean up the toilet.

Watch the video from Youtube.

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