Video: Man's Privates Gets Exposed For the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Men Dump Buckets Of Ice Water And Plastic Balls Onto Former NBA Player Yao Ming.
Men dump buckets of ice water and plastic balls onto former NBA player Yao Ming as Yao takes part in the ALS ice bucket challenge in Beijing August 23, 2014. The Ice Bucket Challenge is aimed at raising awareness of - and money to fight - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more often known as ALS or Lou Gherig's Disease.

The popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become somewhat of a sensation worldwide as all people from all walks of life, celebrities and what not, join in for the cause. While its popularity, according to some reports, may have already fed up some people, a video that has recently surfaced online may bring them to tears of laughter.

Mirror UK reports a man from Wexford, in the Republic of Ireland, decided to join in on the challenge. However, what started out as a possibly serious video (below) turned out to be surprisingly funny in the end.

According to writer Adam Cullen, John Townsend's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge turned out to be the most epic fail video so far. Shirtless and dressed only in shorts, Townsend doused himself first by emptying a red bucket full of the freezing water over his head. Then not to be outdone by his friends as Irish Mirror claims, and apparently not contented with a mere pail, he took his dare to the next level by trading the bucket for a digger.

After the usual shriek when freezing cold hits skin, there is a slight pause as the Bunclody native composes himself for the final pour. When the digger's shovel head slowly tips forward, it dispenses a small amount of water first. Then its final movement unleashes a heavy surge of water over his head.

Townsend seems to be enjoying the continuous flow of water first. With arms and legs spread wide, he looks like someone enjoying a cold shower. However, the force coupled with the amount of water he doused himself with for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge accidentally exposed his privates. Fortunately, whoever took his epic fail video had the decency to censor his manhood for the sake of the viewers. The Wexford native immediately stoops down to pull up his shorts and steps away from under the digger. On the background, viewers can hear someone laughing over the incident.

If viewers were to take a vote on the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, Irish Mirror reports John Townsend wins pants down.

Source:YouTube/ TodoAllTVChannel

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