Video of a Man Kicked in the Head Goes Viral; Now with More than 24 Million Views [WATCH VIDEO]

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Source: YouTube/Jared Michael

Is one week enough to become a YouTube sensation, earn $250,000 and get more than 24 million views on a ten-second video?

To Jared Frank, yes, it's all possible. The 22-year-old tourist apparently has it all laid out to him as the now-popular video he posted on YouTube of him getting kicked in the head by a train driver goes viral.

According to Frank's video description, he was only trying to take a selfie while "a train passed a 'safe' distance behind" him, and apparently he was "still too close and got kicked in the head." The video that is now viral sparked negative comments and conflicting ideas from the people who have viewed the ten-second video.

"Why would you be taking a selfie in the tracks were you could possibly get hit by a train?" AeroDuckTM said in a comment on the video.

Some comments were even asking how Frank got a video when he was supposedly taking "only" a selfie, which apparently should be a still image. One comment answered that Frank "would obviously take a still shot from it."

The debate is not ready to end yet as various reactions on the video still continue to get posted. Jared Frank was also badmouthed several times.

According to a CBC report, Frank was in Peru where the video was taken. The unexpected turn of events where a train driver kicked Frank in the head sparked interest and got management agencies come to him.

The report said that Frank agreed to work with a California-based representative called Jukin Media to earn revenues from his viral video on YouTube. The estimated amount was $30,000 to $250,000, but the exact details are not yet confirmed until the YouTube releases its report on "view tallies" in its regular mid-month report.

"It's almost like a dream. It literally is the definition of 15 minutes of fame," Jared Frank told Leader Post in an interview.

Frank reportedly admitted that since his fame became apparent, he has become "cautious about how things will turn out."

"I'm a little worried, but I have a decent relationship with the licensing company, so I trust them," Frank shared. "I did a lot of research first."

The now viral video has more than 20,000 replies with more than 40,000 favourites and more than 20 million views. The video has rapidly gained fame since it was published on April 15.

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