Video Leaks: iPhone 5C in 5 Colours, LG G2 13-MP Camera Video; an Up Close Look at Moto X Unboxed

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It seems that interest in the iPhone 5C is not running dry, as a new leaked video has revealed a look at the upcoming smartphones.

In the video, you can see the five colours of the phone, which has now come to stand as 5 Colours of the low-cost iPhone 5C. The video, from iCrackUriDevice, introduces five colours, namely yellow, green, blue, red, and white, with the former four colours having a pastel shade.

This debunks previous rumours for a black iPhone 5C, which has been touted as fake--potentially for now, as there is nothing stopping Apple to create a black iPhone 5C in the future.

Based on the back housing, the video speculates that the buttons on the device are pretty standard and the same as the iPhone 5, with only the volume rocker being different as a pill-shaped hole suggests.

There is a metal supporting the back cover, with a coloured plastic covering for mounting. There is also a headphone jack port, the microphone, a connector port, and speakers. The SIM tray on the right will be supporting a nano SIM like the iPhone 5

Based on the design of the cover, the bottom resembles the iPod Touch 5 rather than the iPhone 5, which confirms some of the rumours that the iPhone 5C will be a combination of a number of Apple devices from previous generations.

As for the release date, there is still the notion that the iPhone 5C will be unveiled alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10. Price-wise, the range is pegged from $299 to $400 to be offered off-contract.

See these video clips taken with the LG G2

There are many more smartphones coming in before 2013 ends, and it seems like LG G2 is aiming to show off its 13-megapixel camera way before the release of the device comes.

A new video showcasing the LG G2's video recording capabilities shows off the reported 1080x1920 at 60 fps, though the video here shows off a 30fps capability.

Check out the amount of details and clarity that you can see in the video, with the LG G2 being one of the potentially best smartphones to roll out before 2014.

Moto X unboxed

Phone Arena has created its own customised Moto X, and unboxed it in the video seen here.

The unboxing of the device shows that the back cover shows off a matte finish, with the detailed accents having a pretty neat finish. According to the video, the make is standard and has a natural feel when operated.

The only potential gripe would be the fingerprint smudges that may take some polishing to get off.

What is an interesting addition that was not emphasized in the previous reports of the Moto X is the Motorola Skip, which comes with the device upon delivery. This is an accessory that you can attach on your clothes or bag.

It is magnetized for firm attachment, and lets you unlock the device just by tapping it on the back of your phone. This is convenient for you to easily unlock your phone without having to put in your PIN number.

There are other designs for the NFC stickers that you can attach anywhere to get the same function for easy unlocking.

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