Video Games to Expect in 2013


The start of the year is looking pretty good for the gaming community as January closes with the much-awaited DmC: Devil May Cry release to the public. Indeed, 2013 is looking like a gaming year, with 100 games expected to be released-and we can't discount potential surprises either.

If you're on the look-out for a post-apocalyptic game on the survival against zombies or a real-time strategy game that also gives a free-to-play mode, check the three video game news and reviews for the week.

DmC: Devil May Cry

As early as last year, fans have been holding their breath for DmC: Devil May Cry, the collaborated project of Ninja Theory and Capcom, which had been delayed to release this year.

After hitting stores last week, IGN reports that fans who are still hesitating about the story of Dante should abandon all fears and gather all hope-they are in for a killer story, a killer character, and killer five difficulty levels that would keep you busy and challenged until the next game arrives.

The Last of Us

Zombies are coming once again this May-or at least they're coming to your PS3 as developer Naughty Dog brings the much-awaited The Last of Us, the post-zombie apocalypse survival game.

And it's not just zombies that are going to be the rivals of the human race. The Independent reports that the game may alsol feature a different type of specie known only as the "Clickers," as evidenced by the teaser trailer, and hopefully, will add more action to the fun.

Follow Joel and Ellie in this sometimes guns a-blazin', sometimes punches a-rollin' game where survival of the fittest is given a whole new spin.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2

If you're looking for a strategy game, Bioware Victory's follow up to their Command & Conquer: Generals-just put 2 in the end for the new version-is said to be one of the anticipated games for the year.

Last year, IGN reported that Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will not have a single-player for the launch campaign, with "co-operative and competitive" taking center stage for the gaming community.

While there has not been no word yet on any developments or even the exact release date for this year, PS Perspective reports that this version will become a Free to Play Game, so that the no single-player mode news from last year can have an alternative for those who want this mode.

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