Victoria’s Secret’s Miranda Kerr Reveals New Effective Diet Secrets [PHOTOS]

Husband Orlando Bloom Has no Complaints on Australian Model Miranda Kerr New Diet Secrets

  on February 28 2013 1:24 PM

Australian Supermodel Miranda Kerr has revealed her NEW diet secrets that make her ALWAYS looking great and feeling healthy - - an envy of many for having a stunning, flawless post-baby body shape in record-setting time.

The Victoria’s Secret model dished on how cleansing juice, particularly green juice has made an impact in her life for playing various roles: from a busy VS Supermodel, to a mother to Baby Flynn and wife to Orland Bloom and many other engagements she has recently been involved in.

Miranda couldn’t spread herself too thin undertaking her many jobs - - both professional and personal - - had it not been for energy-boosting, green juice.

"Every day I drink a green juice," Miranda said of her NEW diet secret in an exclusive interview with International Design Times.

IDT was quick to note that the actress even admitted taking some before appearing an event in New York City on Tuesday, February 26.

Miranda continued, "I believe that having the green juice has made a difference to my life, like energetically wise. I feel more energized if I'm eating well. And it's alkalizing, as well."

The KORA Organics entrepreneur also gave some tips on how to make a healthy salad, one that is also a part of her NEW diet, she later revealed. She said to experiment in preparing salad using multiple ingredients, making sure however, not to get too attached to greens. She also emphasized adding protein, nuts and a drop of oil to your salad.

"I make like a really great salad with baby spinach, avocado, grilled haloumi cheese, cucumber, some slivered almonds with some macadamia nut oil and a side of vinegar. It's really delicious and then I'll grill some fish and have some sweet potato mash on the side, as well," Miranda said demonstrating how she prepares her healthy salad.

Miranda is the first Australian model to ever participate in the campaign for the Victoria’s Secret. Having impressed the whole world how she manages to keep her body in shape, the native of Sydney, Australia clarified that it’s not at all times hard work and depriving herself of cravings. What she revealed following her appearance at ABC’s Good Morning America is not so much as odd ways to stay fit and healthy.

"If you feel like [eating] some chocolate, have a little piece of chocolate," Miranda opened up on her sweet cravings. "Allow yourself to have a little indulgence without going overboard. Don't do it every day."

Moderation is the key as she underscored handling food indulgence, particularly for women.

"It's also important, super important, to not deprive yourself. If you deprive yourself, naturally as a human being and the whole psychology of it, is that you want it even more. Just don't eat the whole bar of chocolate!"

The Ambassador for Kids Help Line has also emphasized her religious exercises regime to supplement her dietary nutrients.

She said, “To rejuvenate in the morning, swing your arms back and forth loosely and jump up and down, a jump for joy.”

Miranda Kerr noted that studying nutrition has been helped her understand how to keep a healthy lifestyle.

She also talked about how taking care of herself have resonated to her loving husband, Orlando Bloom whom she flirtatiously admitted “not complaining” about her quest for healthy living.

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