Victoria Beckham Talks about Her Sense of Humour, Says She Isn't Scared of Failures

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Victoria Beckham is a designer with a purpose. The wife to ex-soccer star David Beckham has revealed in her latest interview that her new designer collection is motivated from women empowerment and will work towards doing so. The 40-year-old successful designer has been chosen to appear on the cover page of Elle Singapore magazine and looks stylish and chic in a beige trench coat.

"I want to make a woman feel her best. I want to empower women," the 40-year-old said in the interview accompanying the magazine, is reporting. The former Spice girl also appears in various sensuous pictures inside the magazine where she is wearing clothes that do a lot to enhance her best features.

The Posh Spice, as she is usually called, acknowledged the fact that she has a great team of designers with her but revealed that she likes to take charge of things and likes to get very involved in her business.

"I just like to be very involved with every element of my business. And I have a great team of people that work with me," the mommy to four kids told the magazine, according to the Web site.

The sheer fact that her name is on her label of self-designed clothes makes Victoria very involved in the business and she says she does not want to hand that power to anyone else. Another surprising fact that Beckham revealed is that she is not scared of the failures in her business and treats it like a learning experience because she is not answerable to anyone but her.

"I'm not afraid. I think you can learn from everything. I don't ever think of the negatives, I think of the positives. I'm not competing with anybody else out there; I'm just competing with myself," Victoria revealed to the magazine.

"I never went into this to prove anything to anybody, other than myself. I think if you're too afraid of failure then you won't challenge yourself, then you won't move forward. I like to challenge myself," the successful business woman added.

Contrary to popular belief that Victoria never laughs and remains serious most of the time, the designer revealed that she actually has a good sense of humor.

"I like to take the Mickey out of myself. As much as I take what I do very seriously, I also want to have fun. I like to poke fun at myself... And I think that surprises people," Victoria added.

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