Victoria Beckham Takes Over Twitter: Gained 57,000 More Followers, Most Mentioned During NY Fashion Week

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Victoria Beckham is working her way up in the fashion industry. After her successful presentation, VB's line became the most mentioned label during the New York Fashion Week.

It looks like David Beckham has a lot to be proud of about his wife. Victoria Beckham reaps her success as she rises above Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg as the most talked about fashion label on Twitter during the recent New York Fashion Week.

With over 57,000 more followers and approximately 17,000 mentions on Twitter, she topped every other designer on the social media site. Marc Jacobs only came in second and Diane Von Furstenberg on third. Designers Alexander Wang and Michael Kors took over the remaining spots respectively.

Whisper Group, a New York based social media agency analyzed Twitter algorithms during fashion week and came up with a list of the most mentioned hashtags with last week's 2013 spring collection.

It was the first time that Victoria hosted a runway show, apart from her usual small presentation. And in conclusion, the social media experts were convinced that former Posh Spice slaughtered all the other famous designers during New York Fashion Week. The newbie has proved that she can very well compete with established brands and labels.

A photo of Harper walking on the runway before the show began must have helped boost anticipation from her audience. All in all, the US was the top country tweeting about the fashion week.

The top three designers who gained the most Twitter followers are Victoria Beckham, Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors.  Victoria also tops the list of the top five most mentioned designer on Twitter.

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