Victoria Azarenka Beats Serena Williams on Qatar Total Open Final

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It's a game between a rookie and a veteran. While most people are betting their money on Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka proved that she is equally as good.

Serena Williams may have the number one ranking but Victoria Azarenka has the trophy for the Qatar Open Final for two consecutive years.

Two of the best female tennis players in the world battled it out on Sunday with the Belarusian winning with 7-6, 2-6, 6-3 on the scoreboard. Although Williams, who defeated Azarenka in nine straight times had a commanding margin, Victoria finally found her way to end her losing streak against the Grand Slam champion.

In the end when it looks like Williams seized the game for a win, Azarenka came in with a 3-0 lead on the board and held serve the rest of the way to secure her victory.

"I just fought and gave it my all. I knew I had to step it up to beat Serena. I was able to stay focused," Azarenka said. "It feels incredible. This tournament had such a strong field going into it and I'm really glad that at the end of the week, I'm the one who is holding the trophy."

Meanwhile, in defense to her defeat, Williams said that she made too many errors during the game. She added that it was one of those "bad days."

"I made so many errors. It was just weird. My serve, it was just one of those days," Williams explained. "This whole week I don't think I played my best tennis. I was fighting every match."

With regards to Victoria Azarenka, who is still considered a rookie by some, Serena shared a few good words about the young tennis player.

"I always respect Victoria. I think she is a really good player. She is so consistent," Williams said. 

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