'Veronica Mars' Star Kristen Bell Talks Crush on Percy Daggs, Series Comeback

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Interviewed by Harper's Bazaar on who she thinks has changed the most among the original cast of Veronica Marks, Kristel Bell answered "maybe the biggest surprise will be what a stud Percy Daggs has turned out to be. I always knew him as Percy, but for the fans, who only knew him as Wallace, he was a little smaller, he was younger, he played the best friend. Now, he is very much a leading man. He is gorgeous and has an air of confidence that, when we were kids, I don't think translated."

Can we detect a bit of a crush going on? If this is true, Veronica Mars fans can go ahead and jump up and down. Percy Daggs and Kristin Bell always had unbelievably great on-screen chemistry, even though they were portraying the role of best friends. Kristin Bell's husband, Dax Shepard need not worry though. Fans often only like their onscreen couple get cutesy together and not necessarily end up together!

Who could ever forget "Veronica Mars," the show that ended its stint abruptly even though legions of fans still cannot let go? A show that tackled hard issues such as a sexual assault, family problems and murder with finesse and class, Veronica Mars will be forever imprinted on the minds of its fans. Veronica Mars, the character, as portrayed by Kristen Bell is someone anyone will want for a best friend, a teenage girl with more pluck and courage, sass and class than Nancy Drew herself. She is a character you cannot just forget just because you grew up. Good thing and finally, Veronica Mars is coming back as a movie...and hopefully as a series again.

Veronica Mars was not even supposed to come back as movie. When it ended, creator Rob Thomas, prompted by the outcries of fans, approached Warner Brothers to reinstate Veronica Mars as a series, but to no avail. A feature film was suggested but did not immediately materialize because of the lack of funding. If Thomas was like any other filmmaker, he would have halted the pursuit.

But for Kristen bell and Thomas, the lack of funds is too minor of a reason to bar a Veronica Mars feature from happening. They launched the Kickstater campaign, where avid fans of the series can pledge money to support the movie. The campaign was able to rake in a record-breaking $5.7 million within a month. Probably seeing how successful the fundraiser is and how important Veronica Mars is for the fans, Warner Bros. Agreed to cover the remaining costs. The campaign was so successful critics are now contemplating whether this could start a new trend in Hollywood, according to Variety.com.

Either way, fans can now enjoy waiting for modern day Veronica Mars to appear on their big screens. And not only that, as the movie date approaches, fans can actually anticipate that one day, the series might really be reinstated as they have long hoped for. Veronica Mars herself shared to Harper's Bazaar, "I could see it coming back as just about anything. I would do it with puppets if we could."

 "Veronica Mars" movie is set for release on March 14, 2014..

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