Verizon, T-Mobile to Offer iPhone 6 for Free?


US carriers Verizon and T-Mobile will be offering the upcoming iPhone 6 for $0.

Verizon Wireless will offer high end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6 for $0. However, this comes with a catch. The purchase price of the devices will be spread out over the first year of the contract. So a $199 iPhone 6 will be handed out for free, but users will see a $16.58 surcharge appended to each of the first twelve monthly bills.

T-Mobile is taking a different approach toward offering devices for free. Currently, T-Mobile is offering the latest iPhone 5 with an initial price of $99. The additional $100 is spread out over the life of the contract. The network is also offering up to a $99 credit for those users who trade in an existing iPhone purchased from one of its competitors such as Verizon.

That allows T-Mobile customers to also walk out the door with a new iPhone for no money down. It is a given that the plan will be extended to the upcoming iPhone 6, and could end up applying to devices like the Galaxy S4 as well.

Some of the rumoured features of the next iPhone are Retina or IGZO screen display, A7 quad core chip processor, iOS 7, 128GB internal storage, 13 mega-pixel camera, and longer battery life. The lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5 was one of the biggest criticisms aimed at Apple's smartphone.

Consumers may have to wait longer than expected for the rumoured smartphones of the tech giant Apple as it faces various issues denying its alleged June release date.

According to a report by KGI Securities analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, people should expect to see the aforementioned device later this year. Kuo said that part of the problem with the iPhone 5S products lies in the rumored fingerprint sensor that Apple is adding. Finding the right color coatings to prevent interference with the sensor has been an unforeseen challenge.

The rumour is fuelled by the speculation that the release iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will be postponed due to US carrier T-Mobile's delayed availability of the current iPhone. It has been less than a week since T-Mobile announced the long-awaited release of the iPhone 5 on its network free of contract. The smartphone will make its debut with T-Mobile on April 12. Pre-orders for the handset began for the iPhone 5 on Friday.

As usual, Apple did not comment on the rumours about iPhone 6.  

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