Vanessa Hudgens Talks on Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez Rumors: 'Selena loves Gucci Mane' [PHOTOS]


Back in February, Selena Gomez was under fire due to her alleged cheating scandal with "Spring Breakers" co-star, Gucci Mane.

According to rumors, Selena had fallen in love with the rapper while filming the movie. Gomez and her representatives had denied all the rumours yet Vanessa Hudgens, co-star on "Spring Breakers", spilled the real deal between Gucci and Gomez in an all new interview with

"Spring Breakers" is finally showing in cinemas worldwide. The Harmony Korine directed film stars former Disney princesses, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens along with Ashley Benson and James Franco. The film has been highly-anticipated by a lot of "Selenators" given Gomez sheds all inches of her good girl image in the film.

Apparently, Selena Gomez has been getting a lot of inspiration going all-bad girl from her alleged "fling", Gucci Mane. Mane had been spotted with Gomez on set of "Spring Breakers" and sources claim the two were unusually "too close."

"We thought it was [odd] that she was in there with [Gucci Mane]," said the production assistant onset of the film, adding, "One time [producers] sent security to make sure she was OK."

During this time, the "Jelena" couple was at its height so Selena's "friendship" with Gucci was a bit odd.

"It almost became a joke, [another employee] said [to Gucci] 'Watch out or I'm telling Justin [Bieber].' [Gucci] was like 'F*ck that lil n***a," said another source.

All talks of Gucci and Gomez being together are untrue.

Vanessa Hudgens's latest statement, Selena fans may have something else to say about her choice in men. In an interview with Spin, Hudgens talked about her co-stars of who among them had similar music taste with hers. Ironically, Hudgens went a bit too far with her answer.

"I'd say [co-star] Selena [Gomez] because like me, she's down with hip-hop and older hippie music," answered Vanessa, adding, "Gucci Mane, Selena loves Gucci. He's like her favorite artist," in the interview.

If fans may recall, Selena and her representatives claim that Gomez knew neither of Gucci nor of his music. However, Vanessa's answer clearly says otherwise. Who should fans believe this time around? Check out the slideshow to see more of rapper, Gucci Mane.

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