The Vampires are Back: 'Vampire Academy' Premiere

By @Ze_Charm on

Richelle Mead's New York Time's bestselling vampire book is about to hit the big screen. The bestselling book will be premiered in the US on February 7. The war between a new breed is about to bring back the vampires that were known to suck blood.

Richelle Mead's vampire series is about two girls who are about to attend a secret boarding school, "Vampire Academy," St. Vladimir's Academy. Unlike what most people think about these creatures, the moroi vampires are the cultured vampires - those that can walk in sunlight and need not feed on human blood and most of all they are mortal vampires. These are the vampires that have elemental magic in them. The story tackles two seventeen-year-old girls, Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir, who will be in for a real treat at their new school.

The two girls, one who is a moroi royalty and one who is a guardian runaway from the school are found and brought back. The strigoi, the immortal, blood sucking vampires threaten the school and try to get them.

If you love reading about vampires and everything about them this would be the best vampire series which you would love. The movie adaptation is something that fans are looking forward to.

Don't forget to watch the premiere of "Vampire Academy" this February 7. As their teaser goes, "they suck at school," we are sure the movie won't suck at all. There are various movies coming out which you would love to watch: "Captain America: The Winter soldier," is one of the movies to watch out for including movie adaptations of the bestselling books such as "Divergent," and "Serena," starring Oscar winning star Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

Don't forget to watch these movies and make sure to read the books as well.

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