Vampire to Photographer: Robert Pattinson Hits the Snow-Covered Set of 'Life'

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Robert Pattinson is vampire no more when the actor hits the snow-covered set of upcoming drama movie 'Life' in Toronto, Canada as a famous photographer.

As Pattinson arrived in a hoodie, white T-shirt and jeans, he didn't show any evidence of happiness, according to a Daily Mail report. Being on the set was different, though.

"Twilight" actor runs around the freezing Canadian city wearing a long thick black coat over a grey suit jacket, matching it with a pair of smart black trousers. The 27-year-old actor appears on the set fit and happy despite rumours and reports about his breakup with Twilight co-actor Kristen Stewart.

From vampire to photographer, Pattinson needs to shift his acting skills. This time, Pattinson has to go back in the 1950s as a famous photographer working for Life Magazine named Dennis Stock. Stock is assigned to take pictures of Hollywood heartthrob James Dean, played by Dane DeHaan. Later, the two actors will make friends.

According to E! Online, Pattinson and DeHaan were spotted earlier in the week while they ride together on a motorcycle, and laughing and goofing around with each other in between scenes.

"Life" follows Stock (Pattinson) and Dean (DeHaan) as they journey together from Los Angeles to New York. Pattinson and DeHaan were also spotted riding on a black car as they prepare to go on a trip.

With the release of the first official still images of the movie "Life," Pattinson is seen looking delighted as he runs towards a man holding a copy of Life Magazine on the snow-covered Toronto street. Pattinson then grabs the magazine and took time thumbing through the pages.

Pattinson looks satisfied with what he is seeing that he even shares a good laugh with the man who brought the magazine to him.

Dutch director Anton Corbijn told Entertainment Weekly that with only eight days in shooting, he was already satisfied with the connections formed by Pattinson and DeHaan.

"Rob [Pattinson] has an intensity that I think Dennis [Stock] would have. When I see Rob, I see an inner turmoil that I greater for the role," Corbijn said.

Corbijn also said that DeHaan is an interesting actor. The director described DeHaan with a beautiful face. Corbijn, however, added that it was a "hard face to grasp." The director explained that it is sometimes hard to read DeHaan, which reflects on his character as Dean.

There are only sneak peeks to ogle, for now, but "Life" is set to hit theaters in 2015, meaning fans of Pattinson and DeHaan wouldn't have to wait too long. Ben Kingsley, Kristen Hager, Alessandra Mastronardi and Joel Edgerton are also in the movie.

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