'Vampire Diaries' Season 5: Steven R McQueen Joins Countdown to New Season Premiere, Teases About Character Jeremy Gilbert [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

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"The Vampire Diaries" Season 5 premiere is just around the corner and the team behind the successful CW TV series, cast members and crew, continue with the promotion. TVD production assistant Ty Armstead shared a captured photo of actor Steven R McQueen counting down the days to the premiere on October 3.

"Two more days! #tvd #abs @McQueeninchains says Tune IN!! Thursday, 8 PM, CW," Ty Armstead wrote on Twitter account @Tytheprince11 as a caption to Steven R McQueen's photo. The shared image shows the 25-year-old "Piranha 3D" actor showing off his hot body with hand flashing the peace sign indicating there are two more days until the brand new season premieres.

Additionally, Steven R McQueen teased the TVD fans on what to expect with his character, Jeremy Gilbert, in Season 5 during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Online. "Jeremy's lost a lot of people in his life and now he's lost the one he cared for most. Who he even loved, I think. Bonnie sacrificed herself and at the beginning of the season, he's really feeling that burden and that weight," Mr McQueen shared about his hunter character.

Aside from the more intense onscreen chemistry with Bonnie Bennet, the other interesting things that fans can look forward to with Jeremy Gilbert this new season includes his interaction with Katherine Pierce, Damon Salvatore and his fight scenes as a hunter. Steven McQueen confirmed about having filmed scenes with co-star Nina Dobrev as Katherine but did not give out precise details on what it will be.

The actor shared: "I can't say what happens, but imagine things from her perspective: she's this vampire that's hundreds of years old, insanely strong, insanely fast, who can really get away with doing these sh*tty things because there were no consequences. Now we see her, at the beginning of this season, at a place of weakness: she's human, she's vulnerable and she's pissed off."

Mr McQueen further teased that his character will now have a "different dynamic" with vampire character Damon Salvatore that actor Ian Somerhalder portrays. "Elena goes off to college and my house was burned down, so I have to live somewhere -- and that's with Damon. We're stuck with each other. But through that, Damon kind of becomes this father-figure, which is something Jeremy is always looking for. But they still butt heads from time to time."

What Steven R McQueen really wants for the TVD fans to look forward to in Season 5 are his fight scenes. The actor revealed: "I'm excited for everyone to see my fight scenes, they're pretty bad ass. I love preparing for those so much. Jeremy imploded about his problems in the first few seasons, but this year, you'll really see him explode."

"The Vampire Diaries" Season 5 is set to return on Thursday, October 3, at 8 p.m. on the CW network.

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