‘Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Episode 13 Spoilers: Whitmore College’s ‘Bitter Ball,’ Damon’s Darker Side in ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ [VIDEO]

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After a thrilling Episode 12, "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5 Episode 13, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," features a jealous Stefan over Damon and Enzo's bromance. Based on the official synopsis, the upcoming episode will help everyone move on from their past traumatic events, and the girls are heading to Whitmore College's "Bitter Ball."

An event for broken-hearted students, the "Bitter Ball" will help the girls to let loose but Bonnie will be intrigued with another student who appears to be experimenting with witchcraft. Played by Penelope Mitchell, Liv is another new face in Mystic Falls together with guest star Olga Fonda who will play as Nadia.

With new girls in town, Tyler will start to worry about Matt's relationship with Nadia. Guest star Rick Cosnett will play as Dr. Wes who is struggling to continue his research with the help of a new benefactor Sloan, played by Caitlin McHugh.

Meanwhile, Stefan will have a "disturbing discovery" and based on some spoilers he will realize that Elena is actually Katherine. The still from the upcoming episode shows a scene from the "Bitter Ball" and Stefan and Katherine/Elena are getting close.

Julie Plec shared a few comments on E! Online about TVD's traveler storyline and the events that will uncover the secrets behind the doppelganger prophecy. "We've been doing a nice slow, slow, slow burn of this Traveler storyline," says Plec.

"What we will come to understand what exactly it is these people want, what it has to do with this alleged doppelgänger prophecy and what they need from our doppelgängers. At the end of that, there will be a face to that group that we will meet later in the season who we haven't cast yet," she added.

After a game-changing episode, Damon's dark side is getting even darker when Katherine used Elena's body for a body switch. His closeness to Enzo will result to a horrifying ending when the two convinced Bonnie and Jeremy to help them.

Based on "The Vampire Diaries" extended promo, Stefan is bothered with Damon teaming up with Enzo. "What? You two are pals again? Murder buddies?" Stefan asks Damon. "Come on, Damon. You're better than this."

But Damon's shocking response is: "On the contrary: I'm better like this."

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