'Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder talks about Kids

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This is some serious issue if "Vampire Diaries'", Ian Somerhalder, starts to talk about kids. Does this mean he's ready to settle down with his off-screen girlfriend, Nina Dobrev?

Before anyone breaks down into tears, this Salvatore brother is actually talking about his furry pets at home which he so lovingly calls his kids.

Who knew that the brooding vampire onscreen was actually a cat lover? How many furry friends does Ian have then? He's got a whole lot and Ian says they're about to take over his home. His next problem would probably be coughing up fur balls himself.

"I've got a number of them," shared Ian in an interview with E! Online,

"and sometimes that number fluctuates because there will be a rescue that's fostered a little bit. There's a lot of fur." added the actor.

Adopting a whole lot of stray cats proves he's one feline friend and he could be awarded in the upcoming Genesis Awards Gala held by the Humane Society of the United States happening on March 24.

It'll be set at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Ian could be up for the Wyler Award for his "feline-friendly" acts.

Though he's one daddy who loves taking care of his kiddy cats, Ian doesn't just take up stray cats and bring them home. The actor makes sure that the cats he picks up get the utmost medical attention they need.

"Ideally, I need to get them to a clinic first," shared Ian. "There's an amazing clinic here in Atlanta, Pets Are People Too. These guys take care of all my animals. We get [strays] there and get them healthy because I don't want to take them back to my pride and get my kids sick."

This is definitely one "aw"-inducing act for one actor who's known to play a dark and evil character onscreen which is proof enough that people shouldn't be so quick to judge. As for Ian, his feline-friendly quirk could be just one of the reasons Nina Dobrev has fallen for.

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