'The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder has New Girlfriend, Nina Dobrev Heart Broken?

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Ian Somerhalder has definitely made women all over the globe swoon with his smoldering looks and sexy tousled hair. His relationship with Bulgarian beauty Nina Dobrev, also his co-star on the hit series "The Vampire Diaries," has made women and men alike jealous from all the corners of the world. Too bad that after years of being together, the hot couple called off their relationship.

The blue-eyed actor has definitely taken a long time in moving on from the Eastern European beauty that is Nina Dobrev. Known to be discreet with all of the people that he dates, Nina Dobrev is said to be the only woman that he was open about when the media pressed on for more information about the two. Now, finally mustering the courage to move on from Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder is back to his clandestine ways.

In a report by Entertainment Wise, the hunky actor is said to be getting it on with colleague Molly Swenson. Somerhalder is also a part of the advisory board of a company which Molly Swenson currently heads as CEO. The two were apparently seen in a casual date with the hunky actor holding hands with the former "American Idol" star. The two went to party at a Details Magazine event and later headed to Treats! party to honor cover girl Dylan Penn.

"As he was walking towards the steps of Club James, he was greeted by two people from the event who introduced himself. They shook hands with Ian, smiled, and began ushering the group [Ian, Molly and two pals] inside," says a source from the party as reported by Entertainment Wise.

"Two of Ian's friends were in front and Ian and his date were following closely behind casually holding hands. They seemed happy, casual, and enjoying the evening. How cute!" the source further added to the news outlet.

Is Nina Dobrev affected over the rumored news of Somerhalder's new girlfriend?

She might as well be. Various reports have been claiming that Ian Somerhalder was just head over heels over the Bulgarian beauty even after they broke up. If the rumors were to be true about Ian and Molly, Nina would probably not have the chance to get back with Ian anymore. 

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