'Vampire Diaries' Executive Producer Julie Plec Reacts to Fans Campaigning to Bring Back Kol, Actor Nathaniel Buzolic Reveals He Would Love to Return

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When Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic got killed off in "The Vampire Diaries" as the Original vampire Kol Mikaelson, his fans pushed a campaign to bring back their favorite character in the TV series. Mr Buzolic revealed during the CW's 100th episode celebration that he would love to return but it all depends with executive producer Julie Plec.

"I'd love to come back. If the opportunity to come back did present itself, I'd jump at it," the 30-year-old actor shared in the Zap2It report. However, the Aussie actor did not confirm if he was offered the opportunity.

Mr Buzolic's response reads: "Ask [executive producer] Julie Plec. She's the only one who knows. Julie Plec has all the answers, and they actually tell me less than you think. I know nothing." In June 2013 Examiner report, the TVD and "The Originals" executive producer gave her reaction to the criticisms she received in connection to the campaign of bringing back the dead vampire.

Julie Plec shared in TwitLonger that she received a tweet regarding Kol's return in the CW TV series that slammed her reputation as a writer. Ms Plec started her post with: "I recently received this tweet. Not trying to be mean, but there is so much wrong with this sentence: @julieplec It's not good going against the fans wish for Kol to live. It could give you a bad reputation as a writer."

Then, the mind behind the successful TV series gave her explanation on the fan's criticism. Ms Plec's TwitLonger post further reads: "I love and admire the passion of the Kol fan base, but no petition, or trending topic, or ongoing twitter assault on my mentions is going to make us do something we don't believe is right or necessary for the show right now. Some of you have gotten a bit meanly personal. Others have shown nothing but grace. And your enthusiasm means the world to all of us. But if you want a choose-your-own adventure, go to the library. Otherwise, find it in your hearts to trust that we love the story we're telling and are going to keep giving 1000% of our creative souls to it --- even when it makes a few people unhappy. Maybe one day you'll see Kol again when the story is right. Maybe not. I hope you'll keep watching anyway. With love, respect, and the desire for a cleaner and kinder Timeline, J."

As for Nathaniel Buzolic, the actor admitted that even though he is no longer a part of "The Vampire Diaries" or its spin-off series "The Originals," he is still proud to be a part of the still-going-strong CW shows and described the experience to be amazing. "It's one of those things where it's an honor to be a part of something that's been able to last for so long, especially now when the nature of our business is that so many shows get the can after only one or two seasons," Mr Buzolic explained.

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