The Vampire Diaries Actor Ian Somerhalder Cares More for Nikki Reed than Nina Dobrev - Reports

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Ninda Dobrev is still amiable with ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhaulder. REUTERS/Kevork Djsnsezian

Ian Somerhalder is understood to be much in love with alleged girlfriend Nikki Reed, so much so that he prefers her above his ex, Nina Dobrev. The buzz is that Ian is following Nikki on Instagram. Ian follows very few people on Instagram and that clearly doesn't include Nina Dobrev. Does that mean that Ian has given up hopes on his relationship with Nina?

Ian and Nikki took their alleged romance public when they showed PDA in a farmers market on July 20. Ian was seen cozying up with Nikki as he hugged her from behind.

In addition, Ian's social media site says a lot about the relationship too. Ian reportedly follows only 30 people on Instagram which includes Nikki whom Ian wants to know where she is at all times as per the reports.

"Ian and Nikki are really taking things slow because they don't want to ruin their friendship, but there are also feelings there between the two," a source told Hollywoodlife about their blossoming romance.

There is school of thought which considers that a follow on Instagram is a big way to tell the world that the couple is dating or is growing close.

Meanwhile, when Ian and Nina had called it quits it was thought that they would remain good friend but now that seems like a rare possibility. It has been known that Nina was kept in the dark by Ian about his relationship with Nikki. She reportedly came to know about their alleged romance when the photos of them cozying up together surfaced on the web.

"Ian and Nikki are still in the trial stage of their relationship and they haven't shared with many that they are testing it out. They don't ever want to broadcast to the world what they are doing in their personal life, especially if it isn't going to go anywhere," a source told the Web site about Ian and Nikki's brewing romance.

Ian and Nikki are yet to confirm anything in regards to their romance rumours.

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