Valeria Lukyanova's Absurd Human Doll Diet [SLIDESHOW]

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Human doll, Valeria Lukyanova, has declared that she will completely give up food intake in hopes of living solely on sunlight. Absurd, or is it actually possible?

Many scrutinize the 21-year-old "human Barbie doll" because she takes pride and joy in looking like a living plastic doll, but Valeria seems to be nonchalant about negative comments as she takes another step in making her living surreal.

In one of her YouTube videos, human doll, Valeria Lukyanova said that she vows to be "powered" by solar rays, with the sun as her main source of nutrients so she can completely stop eating food.

"I love all living things, so I do not eat the meat. I eat only fruits and my ultimate goal is to be powered by solar energy, that is a complete rejection of food," said Valeria in her video.

Could this be possible? Can a human being live solely off sunlight without any intake of food? Valeria makes it seem she is living one weird day after another, while others say she just aims to lead a life that will support her vanity.

Some say Valeria achieved her weight by having her "floating ribs" surgically removed, but she insists that it is a result of a strict raw food diet, and eating only fruits and vegetables after she put them in a blender.

What do you think? Do you think Valeria can continue living being powered by the sun, just like an appliance or a robot?

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