Valeria Lukyanova: Human Barbie Doll Looks and Mindset, Criticized by Psychologist, Surgeon [PHOTOS]

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A psychologist from Los Angeles voiced out his opinions on what he thinks about the looks and perspective of real life Barbie doll, Valeria Lukyanova.

The plastic surgery and internet sensation from Ukraine recently appeared in V Magazine for a shoot and a stripped-down interview, and many reacted on her statements, including psychologist, Dr. Seth Meyers.

Meyers has admitted that he has not met the human doll in person, but he has analyzed what he thinks of Valeria's mindset and reason for transforming her looks into looking like she was mold out of plastic.

"The interview from V, as well as photos of the so-called beauty, suggest a woman who finds her authentic self and the reality around her to be empty and uninspiring, causing her to create and live in a fantasy world of her own making," said Dr. Meyers in a report.

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"Considering her from a strength-based approach, her efforts indicate an innovative and truly artistic orientation, where she uses her body as post-feminist performance art. "added Meyers.

Meyers further explained that the problem lies on Valeria's appearance that piques the fantasies of men and promotes the concept of "tiny waistlines and enormous breasts in women."

"Because men can't find this fantasy in real life, pictures of the Human Barbie send these men flocking to the internet for a cybersexual experience that casts the real women in their lives aside because they simply can't - and shouldn't - measure up," said the psychologist.

A high profile celebrity surgeon is also weighing in on Valeria's popularity as he criticizes her looks.

"Her face is impossibly sculpted and chiseled, as if made from a plastic mold. It appears to me that she's either wearing two pounds of fancy, special-effects makeup or has had some plastic surgery to reshape her eyes and her nose," said celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn.

"Her nose is as thin as a popsicle stick. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I would love to see just how she came to look this way." Youn said.

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