Valentine’s Day Gift: Miranda Kerr Set to Renew Vows with Husband Orlando Bloom? [PHOTOS]

The Divorce Issue has Reportedly Got Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Even Closer as they Consider Renewing Vows


On the eve of the Valentine’s Day celebration, reports have it that English actor Orlando Bloom has reportedly been considering asking Miranda Kerr to renew their vows after three years of marriage.

Also seen as Orlando’s grand gift to his stunning Australian supermodel, renewing their vows, according to a source who talked to The Daily Star, is a way to put an end to the recurring rumors that things are not going well between them and they are even headed for divorce.

The news came on the eve of the Valentine’s Day celebration, seen as Orlando’s grand gift to his stunning 29-year-old Australian supermodel.

 “They’ve told friends they’d like to renew their vows and show they’re tighter than ever,” a source told the Daily Star.

The couple have been married since 2010. After announcing the engagement on June 21, 2010, Miranda Kerr released an official statement that she tied the knot with Orlando “in an intimate ceremony” on July 22, 2010, surprising everyone including Victoria’s Secret when she requested for leave from work for a few months following the nuptial.

And this time, it looks like 36-year-old Orlando is on top of everything related to the couple’s plans to say “I Do” once again.

The “The Lord of the Rings” star has been reported organizing a big party to celebrate their years together.

“Orlando is planning a huge party in LA to celebrate their third anniversary in July. The gossip of them divorcing is bringing them closer,” the source said, noted The Daily Star.

The celebrity two has a son, Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom . The couple have recently flown to Sydney for a number of engagements Miranda has lined-up in February. She has been recently named as Ambassador to Kids Help Line after stunning everyone with her refreshing looks in a KORA Organics photoshoot at the Palm Beach in Sydney over the weekend.

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