Valentine’s Day in the Eyes of a Child (VIDEO)

  @ibtimesau on

Dating or not, single or not or freshly heart wounded or not, best take time out to watch this video and view this love day from the eyes of child.

There were a total of 25 kids who got involved in this video and were interviewed about love, dating and marriage, affection, babies, and things they love.

On what they think love is - "Red, sparkly, warm and fuzzy!"

On what they love - "A fur coat and high heels!" Also "Sword fights and robots!"

On have they ever kissed someone - "Ewwww!"

On where babies come from - "I'm not saying!" Attaboy! Or how about this reply - "The baby just got there."

On when they are getting married - "I haven't decided yet."

Or better yet, "I'm gonna marry my daddy."

Kids' perceptions about things really never fails to warm the hearts.

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