Valentine's Day 2014: Top 5 Budget Friendly, Cheap Gift Ideas That Will Make Him or Her Feel Special

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Valentine's Day is soon approaching. The day which is expected to brings lots of love and surprises could also be bringing a huge bill for you. It is not required that you have to spend a lot to express your love. When gifts are combined with thoughts and feelings they become a token of love to be cherished forever than a pinch on your pocket. Here are a few budget-friendly and cheap gift ideas that will make him or her feel special, loved and cared for.  

1.    DIY or Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas- Put on your creative hat and create something special on your own to express your love and affection for your special someone on this Valentine's Day. The most budget friendly gift idea is to create something on your own, filled with your personal touch and creativity. A self-made card is the best way to express your feelings for your loved one. Or maybe, boys can make a beautiful jewelry item like a bracelet for their girls. And girls can design a t-shirt with a special message on it for their guys.

2.  Burn a CD or DVD- Nothing can express your feeling better than music. Collect all the songs that best describe your feelings for him or her and create a CD for them that they can have forever. And don't forget to include the song that you both think best describe you two as a couple or can be tagged as "our song."  You can also burn a DVD full of romantic movies that you love to watch with each other over and over.

3.  A Plant: Valentine's Day is a very commercial event of the year. Prices of items like red roses and other flowers increase multiple times. So, forget flowers this year which will wither with time. A better alternative is to give something long lasting that can be nurtured with love and care. Why not buy a plant or a sapling, shrubs or flowers in a pot as a Valentine's Day gift in the season of spring.

4.  Chocolates, Cake or Candies: Chocolates, cakes and candies have become the most conventional gift items of Valentine's Day. Nonetheless they never fail to make your Valentine feel loved and cared. If you are planning to give one these conservative gifts to your Valentine, then add your personal touch to it and keep it budget friendly by making them yourself. Several easy-to-make cakes and chocolate recipes can be found on the Internet. Just follow the instructions and make a gift that will definitely be appreciated by your love.

5.  Create a Memory Box- Collect all those things that are meaningful to you and your Valentine from your past dates and create a memory box to give to him or her on this Valentine's Day. Yet another cheap and budget friendly gift idea is a memory box which will be loved and cherished by your Valentine. Tell them how and why you remember each item from the box that contains several special memories of you, together.

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