Valentine's Day 2014: Top 5 Apps To Download This Coming Hearts' Day

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Valentine's Day 2014 is approaching fast within the week and surely many users of modern gadgets of today are wondering what apps they can download that would be helpful for the coming occasion.

Here are top 5 must have apps that you would find purposeful in planning your special hearts' day event whether it's with your long time partner or with a new date:

1. Valentine's Day Music Radio

Music can make any event become more special. When you download this app, you would be welcomed into a cool interface that shows a spinning record player with a total of 10 stations to select from. It also comes with a timer if you want the music to stop at a particular moment. It is only available for iPhone users for now.

2. NoWait

This Valentine's Day app helps its users to know in advance if a certain restaurant is almost booked or not. It also offers to show waiting lists of restaurants connected to them. It is even capable of sending the user a notification each time there is an available table.

3. DateEscape

This app is very valuable especially for those who will date a person they have met for the first time. It may be naughty in its purpose since it can set fake phone calls or even text messages. All of these just to help the user escape the date he or she may be sensing to end up terrible. It can only be downloaded via iPhone for $0.99.

4. Flower Delivery Services

There are several Valentine's Day 2014 apps out there which can certainly help anyone order flowers in the fastest and most convenient rate possible. For iOS users, there's the ProFlowers app while for Android, there's Bouqs.

5. Shuttersong

If you are in a hurry to send out some Valentine's Day 2014 greetings, you can download this free app but only limited to the iOS device users. It allows the users to send photos with audio attachment through email, as text message or via social media sites.

Any other Valentine's Day 2014 apps that you can recommend?

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