Valentine’s Day 2014: Tips to Get Ready for the Ultimate Love Day Date for Men

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Finally, you have a date on Valentine's Day. Remember you don't have to succumb to the pressure but play all cool. Getting ready for the Valentine's Day date can be quite taxing, even for men. What are you going to wear on the day? Read these tips and woo her on the date.

How to Get Ready for the Valentine's Day Date: Tips for the Guys

1.   Impress her with Fragrance: According to a post on Men's Health, wearing fragrant leather is a great way to woo the girl.

"Women have a better sense of smell than men do, and it's even sharper in the middle of their menstrual cycle, when estrogen levels peak and women are more likely to be deciding whether a man's attractive," said Helen Fisher, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University.

2.   Look Tall: So what if you are short, if you wear the correct clothes, you can look tall. Go for pinstripes as the vertical lines works in favour of enhancing the height.

3.   You got the Testosterone, You show the Testoterone:

"Women are unconsciously performing these calculations-judging men on the basis of how body fat is distributed," said Devendra Singh, professor of psychology at the University of Texas.

You have to understand that a man with a large butt or waist has low Testosterone. Women consider such men less attractive.

You can carry a sport coat to create a visual line from your neck to thighs.

4.   Women are Good with Colours: Men have to careful about the mix and match scenario. Women are good with colours. They will notice when something is not matching properly. You can wear different colours to evoke different feelings. Try orange, it is bright and full of energy. You can wear pink. Women love pink as they are pulled to that colour. If you can pull that off nicely then it is awesome.

5.   It is all About the Touch: Yes, you will want to show your sexy side on the date, but be careful, do not pounce on her. Be natural. Women are sensitive to touch. Apply the moisturizer and go for the clean-shaven look. If you are not showing too much skin on the date, make sure you wear clothes made of soft fabric like cashmere, merino wool, pima cotton and suede.

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