Valentine's Day 2014: These 6 Meaningful and Original Gift Ideas Will Definitely Make Him or Her Feel Loved, Cared and Special

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. With 10 more days left for the day of love to arrive, plan a special gift for them.  Selecting a gift can be a challenge. A little bit of a thought and effort in planning a gift for them can make your valentine feel at the top of the world. Here are 6 meaningful and original gift ideas for him or her that will make them feel loved and special.

Valentine's Day 2014: 6 Meaningful and Original Gift Ideas for Him or Her

1.       A Gift that They Need: In their long conversations, lovers often discuss the things they need. Pay close attention to the needs of your loved one. This can be anything that they need in their daily life and have been meaning to buy from a long time, but fail to do so. It can be something big or small, depending upon your budget. Surprising them with something that is significant to their existence and can't do without, will definitely make them feel cared for.

2.       A Thoughtful Gift: For this one pay close attention to their habits and pick something that will make a difference in their life. For instance, if your valentine often forgets things like paying bills, appointments and more, then buy them an organizer or a planner which will assist them in planning their day more effectively and not forgetting the important activities.

3.        Plan a Memorable Date: People often imagine or dream about their dream dates. Discuss the idea of a dream date with your valentine. Pick up cues from there to plan a day that will be remembered all your life. It could be a simple candle lit dinner date in his or her favorite restaurant or a cruise date. You can also cook your lover's favorite dish and create romantic atmosphere in your den itself to spend some quality private time.

4.        A Ring: This gift idea is only for those who are planning to propose their valentine for marriage. Pick a beautiful stone that would look good on them and pop the final question, at the right moment.

5.        Say it With Words and Memories: [Warning: This gift will work best for girls.] Put on your creative hat and get down creating something that will make them feel loved and special. Make a memory box of sorts and pick on all his or her favorite things and some memories that you may have stored from your past dates. Fill in the box with some love notes and write why and how you remember these things that made it memorable for you.

6.        Plan A Weekend Getaway: Valentine's Day is celebrated on Feb. 14 in most parts of the world. This year the national day of love falls on Friday which provides the perfect opportunity to plan a romantic getaway. Book your tickets to a romantic destination and spend some quality alone time with him or her. Plan some fun activities for the day and make your valentine feel oh-so-loved and special.

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