Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas: Murder the Cheesiness and Go the Undead Way – Zombie Survival Kit, ‘The Walking Dead’ Themed Cards & more

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Valentine's Day in 2014 can be different. Instead of going for the usual cheesy gifts, why not go the undead way - the zombie method to be precise. "The Walking Dead" topped the Olympics in terms of ratings, no wonder the show is super popular and giving "TWD" merchandise to your loved ones is a pretty cool idea. If your lover is into zombies, bloodshed, and I-want-to-eat-your-gut-yum-yum-yum then go for these Valentine's Day gift ideas.

1.   Play the Zombie-Opoly Board Game: Buy your favourite zombies. You can also trade boxes of flesh with screaming humans.

2.   "The Walking Dead" Themed Cards for Valentine's Day: "In a zombie apocalypse I'd eat you last," reads one of "The Walking Dead" themed cards. Isn't this adorable of the walker?

"Let's stay in and devour each other this Valentine's Day."

"For me, you're the perfect combination of body and brains."

"I'd have to be brain-dead not to want you as my Valentine."

3.   "The Zombie Survival Guide": This guide by Max Brooks is the ultimate guide if you and your lover are stuck in the zombie-apocalypse era.

4.   Wear the Zombie Slippers: Nothing is as cool as putting your clean feet in a zombie's mouth. Nothing. Try these Zombie Plush Slippers, they are cozy and warm.

5.   Zombie Poetry: Romance at its best. With Magnetic Poetry Kit: Zombie, you can woo your lover with some nasty and cute zombie rhymes. Tell him that you love him like an open stomach.

6.   The Zombie Mug: Drink the morning coffee in this ugly looking beautiful mug. What a zombie-ful start of the day!

7.   "The Walking Dead" Action Figures: They are not dolls but action figures. Gift your lover a Merle Dixon or Daryl Dixon action figure and see the joy on the face. Well, you might get lucky because of the action figure.

8.   "The Walking Dead" Comic Books: Gift your lover an issue of the latest "The Walking Dead" comic book.

Have a Zombie-tastic Valentine's Day! 

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