Valentine’s Day 2014: Feb 14 is Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day for Single Aussies

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Are you one of the young Aussies who dread the arrival of Feb 14 yearly because you have been a NBSB or NGSB card-holding member?

NBSB refers to people who had No Boyfriend Since Birth, while NGSB stands for No Girlfriend Since Birth.

Rather than mope around or lock yourself in your bedroom, join instead the growing number of single young Aussies who declared that the Day of Hearts is also Galentine's or Palentine's Day.

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In other word's its friendship with people. The word Galentine was borrowed from an episode of Parks and Recreation, an American TV comedy. The word caught on and generated strong reaction from social media and was eventually tapped as an occasion to celebrate V-Day with a twist.


Alice Shuster, a 20-year-old single student will join her close friends in their version of Galentine's Day at a red-themed party exclusively for ladies.

"Friendship is the most important thing I guess. These are the people who you have known for the longest. It's a different sort of relationship than that with a boyfriend and it deserves to be celebrated," The Australian Financial Review quoted Ms Shuster,

David White, head of retail at Deloitte, noted the increasing influence of TV on retailers by placing the burden on them to respond to consumer or social media trends. He cited the examples of Father's Day, Mother's Day and Halloween which are all just created special days.

While society's way of celebrating these days may have changed, what should be noted by retailers is the trend happens faster and become viral quicker. If retailers would not monitor these social trends, they would be left behind, he warned.

He observed that a decade ago, the retailers and manufactures drove consumer with their offers. Things have reversed and power is in the hands of buyers who influence sellers and producers what to make.

And the alternative way that singles are celebrating V-Day is something that retailers and service providers need to anticipate.

For Erin Gillen, the women's office at the Australian National University, Galentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate friendship with other women. Although it won't replace Valentine's Day, more and more Gen Y people will find it more relevant.

She explained that many Aussie women in their 20s are not in a romantic relationship. But by having an alternative event, "you can say it's actually my female friends who are really important in my life right now and I want to celebrate that. I think that is something that is really lovely."

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