Valentine Day: Top Proposal and Pick-Up Lines for Valentine Day!

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The official day of love, Valentine's Day, is staring at the singles as well as the couples in love. It is a tough date for both the tribes. The singles must be sulking in a corner, feeling miserable and cursing the universe for not plotting to make them meet a girl, or a guy, to flaunt on the day devoted to public display of affection. For the couples, it is the so-called perfect day to show their real intention and whether they are serious about a relationship, or not. The man in the relationship bears the burden of the additional cross on Valentine's Day. He is expected to come-up with a perfect proposal line that will make the girl squeal in happiness, and say "Yes" in a trice.

Here are the Top 5 Proposal and Pick-Up Lines for Singles and the Man thinking of Proposing:

Top 5 Proposal Lines for Valentine Day:

"Z [Girl's Name), will you marry me" is simple and sweet, and works most of the time, as they say simplicity is the best policy. However, one can twist it a little and say:  "Z, will you walk down the aisle with me."

Under the open, moon-lit sky, beside the noisy sea, the man can surprise the girl by asking, "Are you ready to record your wedding vows now. We will need them tomorrow."

 If the couple loves the sunrise and are the adventurous kind, they can go out trekking on the day of love. The pristine nature and its beauties and the morning calm sun can witness the man going down on his knee and saying to his love, "My soul loves you and wants to make you its mate. Are you ready to jump off this engaged cliff and marry me."

The dinner for two, wine, music and the surprise work all the time. Add some drama to it. It will embarrass the girl a little but also make her the centre of the attention. Every girl loves the attention. Take the girl to a restaurant known to host Valentine Day couples and after a perfect dinner take hold of a mike. The floor of the restaurant is your stage, you are the performer and other Valentine Day couples your audience. Make your girl feel like the only diva of your life's play by saying, "The beautiful girl sitting there is the beat of my life. Every time I see her, my heart skips a beat. She has made my life a surprising treat. I want to keep changing because of her. She completes me. I want to marry her. Will she agree? Please tell her I'm a good man who will never let her dazzling smile fade from her face. WILL YOU MARRY Me, Z?"

A quiet time at home is what some couples prefer. It is just the two of them at home watching a romantic movie, talking about how they met, and what made them fall in love with each other. The guy can pop-up the question at a moment when the girl least expects. He can just say: "Make my home your life-long permanent address."

Top 5 Pick-Up Lines for Valentine Day: Here are the five pick-up lines for the day of love:

"I've no date, and I am looking for a soul-mate. You look like my date cum soul-mate."

"This is my number. Call me! I promise to never break your heart."

"Never seen the moonlight like you. Will you brighten-up my pad?"

"I'm not a stalker but my eyes are addicted to you."

 "Miss, hold my hand and never let it go. I am already in love with you."

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