Useful Multi-Category iOS Apps That You Probably Missed: Social, Study, News, Language, and Gaming Apps to Discover

Apple's iPhone (L) and Samsung Galaxy Note are displayed at a shop in Tokyo
Apple's iPhone (L) and Samsung Galaxy Note are displayed at a shop in Tokyo in this August 31, 2012, file photo. REUTERS

Apple's App Store provides an extensive list of apps for iPhone users to enjoy. Browsing the App Store sometimes would leave users overwhelmed or confused on what to download. Listed below are some of the apps emerging to popularity because its use has been proven and tested.

Authentic WeatherAuthentic Weather App tells users the current climate outside. The App's description on iTunes says it is "probably the most human [and] honest weather app out there. Look outside and let Authentic Weather tell you what it really things [sic]."  The app also allows users to take pictures of the current weather, and apply texts over them. Authentic Weather costs $1.16, or £0.69.

Yahoo Finance Yahoo Finance is the most popular financial website that gives its users quick access to the latest stock news and prices. The app's full screen charts enable users to track currencies, industries, and other commodities. Yahoo Finance updates real-time, so that users can keep track of investment updates on the market. The App also added video support for watching news about stocks. Users can download Yahoo Finance for free.

Accompli Email Accompli Email organizes the iPhone user's email, calendar, and contacts in one place for easier use. The app also supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and Gmail account. Accompli boasts of a neat design that combines calendars, contacts, and other important apps. It allows quick-viewing of all the attachments shared with people in the user's contacts. Further updates will include other email providers soon. Accompli Email is a free app.

Scanbot Scanbot aims to be different from other iPhone scanning apps in the App Store. The app captures 200 dpi quality images. This is comparable to the output of a  flatbed scanner. Scanbot also features useful standards like edge detection. It means only the full document is scanned and the surrounding background is dropped. It also supports Cloud services for automatic uploads. Scanbot costs $1.16, or £0.69.

Carousel by Dropbox Carousel is a photo management app that automatically saves and uploads every picture taken with the iPhone. The app displays the photos immediately in an organized timeline, and allows sharing them with friends. Carousel by Dropbox is a free app.

Cloak - Incognito for Real Life Cloak enables users to actively avoid people in his/her social media circle. The app features a "Hate Follow" option that follows "people you hate on location sharing sites just so you can avoid them in real life," posted Know Your Mobile. It now supports Instagram and FourSquare, and currently works on adding Facebook in the list. Cloak is a free app.

The Week UK The Week UK has been touted by its users as the "Twitter of Print" because it summarizes the news on newspapers, major papers, and Internet sites into a digital magazine.

The app features a neat interface that allows for easier navigation. It also allows users to browse back on previous issues seamlessly. The app is free for 14 days, but will require subscription for full access afterwards.

MyScirpt Calculator MyScript Calculator makes crunching numbers easier for students, engineers, scientists, or any profession. The app allows users to draw in simple and complex math equations with the fingers and it will convert the scrawls into neat digital texts. It will also provide the answer right away upon the equation's input. MyScript is a free app.

Duolingo Duolingo acts both as a game, and a learning tool. It helps users expand their language easier. The app teaches French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and English. It also tracks the users' progress along the way. The app encourages goal-setting among users to facilitate a better learning process. Duolingo uses text and voice methods for teaching the available languages. Users can download the app for free.

Steam Steam provides over 2,000 multi-genre games and allows users to interact with other gamers through desktops, television, and mobile devices. The app generates an online community for gamers to interact and play games together in one place. Steam is a free app.

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