US Yoghurt Company Says Sorry To Aussie Folk Band For Using Song In Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]

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Dannon, the big name of Yoghurts in the US has extended its sincerest apologies to John Butler Trio for having used the song of the folk band that came from the land of Down Under. The said song was used as a jingle for the ad that was aired during the most recent Super Bowl.

The advertisement was aired for a primetime spot on television which costs about $3 million. It somehow sounded with a riff that sounded similarly the same as the riff of the John Butler Trio's song called 'Zebra.'

Check out the actual ad below:

The ad also had John Stamos for its lead actor and it was entitled 'The Tease' which was reportedly to have cost $50,000 for production alone. With John Butler Trio being a popular and award winning Aussie band, their solid fans reached out to them about this controversial use of their song over the band's Facebook page.

Grateful To Fans

The group who is also known for being political activists thanked everyone who helped them be aware of this music plagiarism issue. They were represented by their band management over at Facebook as well.

The band's official spokesman stated that they would seek immediate legal advice towards handling the matter as they are still in the process of investigating the whole scenario.

The alleged ad was seen by millions of audiences during the big event of the Super Bowl and was viewed by around two million people over at YouTube - a viewing rate tripled when compared to the number of views of the song 'Zebra.'

Michael Easton, an entertainment lawyer said that this could be out of pure coincidence as well as what he shared with ABC Radio.


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