U.S. School Bans Leggings for Girls, Calls It ‘Too Distracting for Boys’

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Female students of a U.S. school are asking their male counterparts if their pants are responsible for low test scores of the latter.

Haven Middle School banned girls from wearing leggings for being "too distracting" for boys. The girls, on the other hand, found the decision unfair and sexist. Over 500 students took part in a protest against the ban on March 18. They wore leggings and yoga pants there and signed a joined petition opposing the ban, Evanston Review reported.

The use of yoga pants or leggings has been banned as they are considered to "distract" boys, according to 13-year-old Sophie Hasty. Ms. Hasty said that the decision indicated that the girls were responsible for the boys' actions. She said in her email that the girls would merely want "to be comfortable".

Juliet Bond, one of the parents, was upset when she came to know that the school had imposed such a ban on girls. She expressed her views on the issue in a letter to Kathleen Roberson, the principal of the school. Ms Bond said that girls were previously allowed to wear leggings. Their shirts, however, had to reach their fingertips while they stood up; she said.

On the other hand, the new policy was something that asked the girls to be shameful about their bodies, she felt. According to Ms Bond, the message was to let the girls know that they should cover up. Ms Bond said that she was asked to meet Mr Roberson after her letter. She said that they had a "very positive" discussion on the issue.

Meanwhile, Haven Middle School Principal Ms Roberson issued a letter on March 18. The letter said that the school did not change its policies regarding the dress code, which meant that the girls were still allowed to wear yoga pants and leggings. She wrote that appearance and dress are "important component" at her school to create a "respectful learning environment."

The ban is to be reviewed on Tuesday March 25, Mr Roberson said in her email.

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