U.S. And Russia on Ukraine's Crisis: Pro-Russian Group in Ukraine's Borders Not Enforced by Russian Gov't?

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Masked pro-Russia protesters burn campaign material of Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko outside a regional government building in Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine April 22, 2014. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told Russia on Tuesday that "time is short" for action on defusing the crisis in eastern Ukraine, but Moscow refused to be rushed, saying it could handle any tougher economic sanctions the West might impose. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

The U.S. has warned Russia to immediately act on Ukraine's crisis a few days ago. The American government hastens Russia by giving it only a short time frame to act on the unrest.

As the world sees Russia unwilling to respond quickly, it's not officially identified if the troops positioned in eastern Ukraine are actually directed by the Russian government. This, in turn, intensifies a big deal of more problems in the recently overdue crisis.

The U.S. has been very intent on putting an end to the crisis that Ukraine is going through at the moment. The U.S. administration sent Vice President Joe Biden to offer an aid package and call out on Russia to start acting accordingly.

Biden continues to demand Moscow to disarm the Pro-Russian separatists, whom Ukraine claims to seek unease and trouble in the upcoming May 25 elections. Biden stresses to Russia to help in the cause as he identifies the huge importance of Ukraine's elections.

The aid package promises $50 million only for political and economic reforms, $11 million for ensuring the presidential elections and an additional $8 million for nonlethal military assistance. The U.S. is bent on helping Ukraine to progress and have a better future.

The U.S., Russia and Europe recently signed an agreement in Geneva calling for Moscow to act on pulling Pro-Russian forces away from buildings in cities throughout Eastern Ukraine. The U.S. addresses that these Pro-Russian forces are the cause of the military unrest in the cities. Moscow rejects much of the demands to act quickly.

The White House accuses Moscow for not sticking to the commitments from Geneva's accord. The three countries have very well agreed to put an end to Ukraine's issues.

Biden accuses Russia that its government is behind the separatists' activity in the East. Official buildings are still being held by the unknown troops in at least nine towns in the region.

Recently, the Ukraine government, along with the U.S. department, distributed photos showing Russian soldiers among the militants' ranks holding off buildings in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow denies the accusations saying it has nothing to do with the violent actions of the separatists. Even though uniforms worn by the troops resemble that of official Russian soldiers, the Russian government has no immediate reply to identifying them.

With Russia's response, the U.S. is yet uncertain if Moscow is truly behind the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine.

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