U.S. Regulator OKs Powdered Alcohol; Available by Autumn 2015

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It would soon be easier to smuggle into dorms and even restaurants alcohol drinks without detection with the recent approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco tax and Trade Bureau of alcohol in powdered form.

To create a drink, simply mix the powder with water similar how you make orange juice from Tang powder.

With the approval by the U.S. government regulatory agency of the powdered alcohol brand Palcohol, by autumn drinkers could enjoy seven flavours including Margarita and Cosmopolitan.

To make Margarita, mix Powderita with 150 ml of water.

The manufacturer's marketing pitch is to lower the cost of alcoholic drinks by encouraging consumers to bring water and the powdered alcohol to events and venues where a mixed drink would cost at least $10, plus tax and tip.

However, the product is not only for drinking but also cooking since the powder could be sprinkled on any dish to give it an extra kick. But it should be added after the food is cooked, otherwise heat would cause its alcohol content to evaporate.

The powder could likewise be snorted and the user would get drunk.

Lipsmark, the maker of Palcohol, which said it was caught off-guard by the release of its labels by the government regulators, added that the labels were still only in its draft stages.  The firm said it hopes that Palcohol would be used "in a responsible and legal manner."

The company stressed that since their product complies with all federal and state laws, Palcohol would only be sold through establishments licensed to sell liquor.

Patent lawyer Daniel Christopherson opined that Palcohol would likely not be given the exclusive rights to make powdered alcoholic drinks but would likely have competition in the future.

Powdered alcohol has been made and distributed in Japan and Germany and even in the U.S. where it is the subject of some more patents.

Australian Mark Phillips, an author and broadcaster, is the creator of the powdered alcohol. He hosts the TV show Enjoying Wine With Mark Phillips.

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