U.S. President Barack Obama Takes Surprise Spring Walk, Chats With Ordinary People

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U.S. President Barack Obama has taken a surprise spring walk through the National Mall Park while going to a meeting at the Department of Interior and chatted with people from all walks of life.

A raw footage of his unannounced stroll and candid talks with locals and tourists were uploaded on the White House YouTube account. This has already amassed over 2.9 million views since it was posted.

Instead of riding his motorcycle as he usually did whenever he leaves the White House, Pres. Obama walked along the Ellipse to "catch folks by surprise."

"Can't be regular, can't be routine," he said at the beginning of the video.

Donning a white long sleeve and neck tie with black pants, the president happily walked along with his right hand holding the black suit hanging behind his right shoulder. He briefly chatted and shook hands with a group of tourists celebrating the birthday of one of their companions. He even greeted the celebrator with "Happy Birthday."

Pres. Obama also stopped by a hotdog stand and asked the vendor how the business was going. The vendor happily responded, introduced herself and shook hands with the president. He also took time to talk to other locals and tourists with different nationalities. Some were walking while some were sitting at the vicinity.

The president also greeted the children within the vicinity. A mother with two children in tow had the special opportunity to chat with Pres. Obama. The older one, seven-year old Carla, spoke only a few words but her younger sister Ramona holding a miniature U.S. flag was more talkative.

When the president asked how old she was, she replied: "4 and a half-no, no 4 and three-fourths." The children received "special White House M&M's" personally handed by no less than Pres. Obama himself. Their mom also got the chance to shake hands with him.

The president also shouted, "What's going on?" to a group of vendors who also shouted back and waves. The people nearby squealed and waved in delight and one man jogged to shake hands with the president. Those who watched the guys' action followed him and formed a small crowd in front of him.

In another group, a lady could not contain her excitement and got a hug and group picture from Pres. Obama.

Watch President Barack Obama on YouTube.


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