U.S. Mother Arrested for Suspected Murder of 2-Year-Old Daughter

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A 40-year-old U.S. woman was arrested on Sunday August 3 after she was suspected for killing her child.

Jessica Smith from Goldendale, Washington is suspected for killing her toddler on Friday. The child was found dead at a coastal resort. Oregon police had a late-night press conference where it was informed to the reporters that Jessica was arrested in a car on a logging road 15 miles off the Cannon Beach resort. According to investigators, she did not possess any weapon. Nor did she appear to be injured. The authorities, on the other hand, refused to discuss if Jessica said anything regarding her child's death.

Jessica's 2-year-old daughter Isabella was found dead at the beach resort. A housekeeper discovered her inside a room at the Surfsand Hotel. Jessica's 13-year-old daughter Alana was also found in the room. She was critically wounded with multiple stab wounds and cuts but might survive the injuries. She is admitted in a Portland hospital and found stable after being operated. Alana may be discharged within the next few days.

Investigators earlier failed to determine a reason behind Isabella's death. However, it was learned after an autopsy that it was a homicide. The toxicology results are still incomplete. Jessica's husband Greg, who is not a suspect of the alleged crime, is reportedly co-operating with police. He filed for a divorce with Jessica on June 30. However, Jessica filed a restraining order against Greg on July 17 but she was denied, according to court documents. The mother of two was supposed to hand the children over to Greg for visitation on the day they were discovered in the hotel room.

Greg apparently expressed his concern about the mental condition of Jessica. He also requested her to be psychologically evaluated before the court decided the custody of the children. If Jessica is convicted of aggravated murder, she might face the death penalty which is a legal punishment in Washington. Until February 2014, there are nine men who are on death row, as listed by the Washington State Department of Corrections.

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