U.S. Department of Labor Investigates Oakland Raiderettes' Wage Theft Claim, Raiderettes' Etiquette Handbook LEAKED

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The U.S. Department of Labor is now reportedly delving on to investigate the matter further, following one of Oakland Raiderettes' claim of wage theft.

SFGate reported that the Labor department is now looking at the entire cheerleading squad and not only after Lacy T., the Raiderette who filed the complaint. According to the spokesperson of the Labor department's regional office in San Francisco, Jose Carnevali, the investigation concerning the whole squad started on Wednesday. However, Carnevali stated that the Labor department will be unable to provide any more information since the case is open and currently being dealt with.

The cheerleader who filed the lawsuit claimed that she, along with the other Raiderettes, were only being paid $1,250 every season. Lacy T. said that she was only making around $5 per hour, which is way below than the minimum wage of $8 per hour in California.

Meanwhile, the wage theft accusation isn't over and yet another blow to the Raiders' management has popped up. The etiquette handbook of the Raiderettes has apparently been leaked, the Los Angeles Times reported. As if the lawsuit isn't enough, the leaked Raiderettes etiquette handbook fans the flames and makes the matter even worse.

The said etiquette handbook teaches every Raiderette on how they should interact and relate to people - from shaking hands, placing table napkins on their laps, deducting $125 for not cheering on game day, as well as dating players.

Check out some excerpts from the leaked etiquette handbook.

"A handshake should last about three seconds, be firm, and be web to web."

"If you don't like your meal, try a little of everything and strategically move the rest around your plate, gently unfold your napkin and place it on your lap, fold it almost in half and place it with the fold side towards your body."

"Since three lates equal one absence and missing any rehearsal before a game is 1 ½ absences, you can find yourself with no salary at all at the end of the season."

"We strongly prefer you do not date any of the players."

The handbook goes on and advises every Raiderette who socialises with a player inappropriately will be terminated. Etiquette is important because it shows how a certain person's behaviour is like. All those rules mentioned above look really good but don't you think they are too much.


Oakland Raiders' Cheerleaders Suing Team for Wage Theft, The Raiderettes are Allegedly Being Paid Less Than $5 per Hour

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