US Cancer Victim Inspires with The Journey After Death

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Clinical lead Doctor Al Story points to an x-ray showing a pair of lungs infected with tuberculosis during an interview with Reuters on board the mobile X-ray unit screening for TB in Ladbroke Grove in London, January 27, 2014. Reuters

Life is unpredictable and can be cut short any moment. But the tale of a 24-year-old U.S. woman Maire Kent who succumbed to heart cancer has defied that maxim.

As reported by CNN, Kent was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoma in November 2012. The cancer was an aggressive heart related malady and she died in September 2013. During the last two months of her struggle, Kent was met by a filmmaker Keith Famie in the hospital.

Famie was working on a documentary about people battling the last stage of their lives. Famie obtained the consent of Kent to document her final phase of life and understood her final wishes.

Kent's last wish was a replay of her favourite children's book “Paddle to Sea.” In the book a boy carves a wooden boat and sets free in the Great Lakes. Kent requested her family to make arrangements to send her to the ocean. Kent wanted to be cremated and then put the ashes in a boat and set sail from Lake Michigan to Atlantic Ocean.

Some three weeks before Kent died the plans to get her ashes to the Atlantic began. Famie was there to document everything.

A small 3½-foot boat was carved out of wood and a message was written on the small sail of the wooden boat, as desired by Kent, which read, “I am Maire died of cardiac sarcoma cancer. My ashes are enclosed here and I am on the way to the ocean. In case you find me please send me back to my path. I will bless you from Heaven.”

The boat set sail in Lake Michigan. Maire wanted that boat journey to turn into a dialogue of life after death.

Shortly before dying Maire Kent had said predicting one's future is hard. A road can pop up from nowhere. That is how life becomes a journey.

At the New York harbour, on July 26, Kent's journey ended and her ashes entered the Atlantic Ocean. For Famie it looked like a transcendental journey. If Maire was unknown during her life, many people have started knowing her after the death.

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